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Lake Skadar

Lake Skadar is t he largest lake on Balkan Peninsula, one of the last fresh water sources as well as the largest national park in Montenegro, most famous for its di versity of flora and fauna.
There is 270 bird species that inhabit Lake Skadar, making it the ideal location for bird-watching. Around 90% of birds are migratory and are of international importance, including curly pelican’s that find Lake Skadar as the last asylum in Europe. With 50 species of fish, including the famous ukljeva inhibiting the lake, Lake Skadar opens its doors to a number of festivals throughout the year, including the famous ‘Days of wine and ukljeva’. This is a must-experience for anyone visiting Montenegro in December.


National Park Lovcen is located in rocky region of Dinara massif. Steep slopes of Mt. Lovcen rise from the coastal region of Budva and west part of Cetinje. The “Black Mountain”, after which Montenegro got its name, rises to 1749 meters of altitude.
There is an abundance of flaura and fauna in the park, which covers nine different habitats. This unique diversity of life is the result of extreme altitudes and influence of two climate zones: two climate zones: Med iterranean and Continental.
Located at the very top of t he park, is the mausoleum of Montenegrin ruler and poet Petar II Petrovic Njegos. The area of Mr. Lovcen is considered as sacred by Montenegrins. It is the symbol of the country which gives Montengro its national identity.
Mt. Lovcen is to Mo ntenegrins what Statue of Liberty is to Americans!

National Park Biogradska gora

National Park Biogradska gora is located in the mountainous region of Bjelasica, in the central part of Montenegro. Park is 5400 acres large and surrounded with mountain tops over 2000 meters high.
Its most famous feature is Lake Biograd, at the very entrance to the Park.
Although it is the smallest of four National Parks in Montenegro, National Park Biogradska Gora contains diversity of flora and fauna. Over 150 kinds of birds and 10 kinds of mammals live in the Park which is home to untouched forest with trees over five hundred years old, large mountain slopes and tops, and glacier lakes. Park is renowned as unique geological – morphological region and as such is very attractive for scientific research.

National Park Durmitor

National Park Durmitor is located at wide mountain region in the North West of Mo ntenegro, its borders defined by Rivers Piva and Tara between which there are 23 mountain tops over 2300 meters of altitude. Park is 39000 acres large and includes 82 kilometers of the river Tara canyon, the second deepest in the world.
Region of Durmitor is characterized by high mountain-tops, abundant forests and deep gorges. Canyon of Tara is the largest in Europe and has over 1500 kinds of flora and 130 kinds of birds.
There are 17 glacier lakes in the Park, as we ll as the highest peak in Montenegro – Bobotov kuk (2522m). Since 1980 National Park Durmitor and Tara canyon are under protection of UNESCO. In 1977 canyon was proclaimed world ecological reserve.