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Just as its nature, t he history of M ontenegro is very colorful indeed. During centuries of its rich history Montenegro has survived and remained one of the brightest models of t he fight for freedom. Christian, Mu slim, Illyrian, Byzantine, Turkish, and Slav civilizations all merged here making Montenegro an everlasting crossroad of cultures and history.

The name "Crna Gora" dates back to 1276. Th e country got its name after the dense forests that covered Mount Lovcen and the surrounding area. The forests were so dark that they gave the impression of a "black" mountain.
Today Montenegro is an independent state. It was received by UN as the 192nd country member on July 27, 2006, thus becoming the ‘newest’ country in the world.

Although its territory is rather small, this proud country has a lot to say when it comes to its history.